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Aaron Lacey


St. Louis
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Aaron is a partner in Thompson Coburn's Higher Education practice and editorial director of REGucation, the firm's higher education law and policy blog.

An experienced higher education attorney, with time served both as outside and in-house counsel, Aaron's practice is dedicated entirely to assisting postsecondary institutions and their partners to advance their educational and operational objectives while navigating complex regulatory environments.

Aaron counsels clients with regard to the myriad federal, state, and accrediting agency laws and standards that govern institutions of higher education, to include requirements relating to the federal financial aid programs, the Clery Act, Title IX, FERPA, ADA, TILA, and SEVIS. Aaron also represents institutions and lenders in administrative proceedings before state agencies, accreditors, and the U.S. Department of Education, guides clients through policy creation and compliance systems design, and assists in the drafting and negotiation of a wide variety of agreements, including domestic and international articulation, consortium, licensing, marketing, and agency contracts, and in the case of institutional sales and acquisitions, stock and asset purchase agreements.

Aaron previously served for four years as Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Strategic Development for a multi-campus, postsecondary education company, where he managed regulatory and government affairs for the company's 24 campus locations and online division, as well as aspects of the company's public relations and strategic development efforts. Prior to going in-house, Aaron served for nearly eight years in the postsecondary education practice of a prominent Washington, D.C. law firm.

Aaron is a member of the National Association of College and University Attorneys and of the American Bar Association. You can find him on Twitter (@HigherEdCounsel) and on LinkedIn.

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