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Health Care: Data Privacy and Security Issues

Regulatory Risks and Solutions

As identity theft and malicious attacks against clinical providers increase, more and more health care data is stored in the digital cloud. The health care industry is required to take special precautions when licensing cloud-related technologies. This two-part webinar presentation provided a focused, actionable summary of current FTC, OCR and other governmental enforcement actions regarding data privacy and security in the cloud.

The presenters detailed the elements of government claims and final opinions and how they affect cloud vendors and their clinical customers.

Originally Presented:
July 13, 2016

Vendor Selection and Contracting, Wearable Device Regulation and Enforcement Guidance

In this presentaition, the explain how federal agencies, through the investigation process, generate new standards for data privacy and security for cloud vendors, their subcontractors and clinical providers. Included in the presentation is a case study that illustrates regulatory matters.

The attached tool kit provides current regulatory compliance guidance and serves as a playbook for operations, contract negotiations and drafting policies concerning health care data privacy and security regimes for the cloud environment.

CLE Toolkit
Generic Cloud Vendor Assessment Form

Originally Presented:
July 27, 2016